Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pink Hydrangeas

I found these potted pink hydrangeas this week and was surprised to see them this time of year so I had to buy them and paint them, I did two studies them the final painting, My husband doesn't give out compliments about my paintings unless he really means it, which I love, I don't need his approval but knowing he likes it is an added bonus!! still struggling with photographing my work, it just doesn't do anyone's art true justice no matter how great the photography is.

Pink Hydrangeas in Pot
14x18" on archival cradled board
available through Etsy and Daily Paintworks 

Monday, February 9, 2015

When Life Gives You Lemons, Paint Them!!!

I have been in a regular routine of setting up fresh flowers and items from around my house and painting them.  I learn so much and my paintings are much better by doing so.  I am blessed to have a lemon tree in my yard, living in San Diego I am fortunate to be able to go pick fresh lemons in the middle of winter!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Kim Peterson Art: Feeling Grateful!

Kim Peterson Art: Feeling Grateful!

Feeling Grateful!

I had a very busy week last week and was extremely happy that I sold 16 paintings in one week!! I also attended a two day workshop over the weekend and loved it, now I am hoping to get some more paintings done this week and applying what I learned at the workshop.  It was an alla prima workshop in La Jolla and the title included the words "loosen up" which I really wanted to work on.  However, my instructor Catherine commented after seeing my website, "You have a definite style now and it is working for you, don't change it!!  Its still so helpful to learn more and more about painting,

Today I shipped out 10 paintings to one sweet client that needed some cheer in her home, here are the paintings all lined up before I box them up and ship them to Orlando Florida!!!

Also here's one of the paintings I did in the workshop!! I have never painted Salsa, avocados and tomatoes before, It was a challenge and all I could think about was eating chips and salsa!!