Monday, February 2, 2015

Feeling Grateful!

I had a very busy week last week and was extremely happy that I sold 16 paintings in one week!! I also attended a two day workshop over the weekend and loved it, now I am hoping to get some more paintings done this week and applying what I learned at the workshop.  It was an alla prima workshop in La Jolla and the title included the words "loosen up" which I really wanted to work on.  However, my instructor Catherine commented after seeing my website, "You have a definite style now and it is working for you, don't change it!!  Its still so helpful to learn more and more about painting,

Today I shipped out 10 paintings to one sweet client that needed some cheer in her home, here are the paintings all lined up before I box them up and ship them to Orlando Florida!!!

Also here's one of the paintings I did in the workshop!! I have never painted Salsa, avocados and tomatoes before, It was a challenge and all I could think about was eating chips and salsa!!

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